Why Chameleon Retail

As a developer and manager of Outlet Centres, we bear a great deal of responsibility with so much at stake. Chameleon retail can demonstrate a successful track record in this sector since 2002. We never lose sight of the big picture and seek to align our interests with that of our partners and investors.
To achieve results in the current retail market it is necessary to apply skills and talent using experience where adaptability is of paramount importance.
Graduating in Zoology it was obvious to me when conceiving this company that only one creature had the natural features and adaptability for our brand: The Chameleon.

Never lose sight of the big picture

The Chameleon has eyes which rotate to provide a 340° field of vision.

The development of Outlet Centres is like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle, so it is important never to lose sight of the big picture. Chameleon Retail has successfully implemented numerous large and complex outlet projects in many countries across Europe. Thanks to our years of experience, we always have a clear overview which our partners can rely on.

Support all the way to the top

Chameleons are one of the most agile animals in the kingdom. They have specialised gripping feet and a prehensile tail which grasps branches and acts as extra support when climbing.

Our team have observed many obstacles and overcome numerous hurdles in our 35 years of retail business. Chameleons are nimble and responsive acting as additional support to whatever challenges you face in reaching the top.

Adaptability and Fairness

Chameleons are good natured creatures. They live in different surroundings desert, steppes, jungle and savannah. They both adapt and blend in. The outlet market is a specialised sector with new trends and market shifts. Focus and fairness ensures rapid and great results even in this competitive marketplace.

Outlet trends in focus

Chameleons can simultaneously turn their eyes in opposite directions.

The world of retailing is constantly changing. New trends and developments appear almost daily. Thanks to our excellent contacts we have our finger on the pulse. With a clear line of *vision, we pick up and respond rapidly to new approaches in development and management.

Each of our projects has been unique, our adaptability is demonstrated by great results.

Chameleons have learnt to adapt their body shape and can change colour in different environments.

No two Outlet Centres are the same. Each project brings specific challenges and unique conditions. Chameleon Retail is internationally active and skilled in adapting to the varied economic and society characteristics of most European countries.

It is for all these reasons we called our company ‘CHAMELEON’ RETAIL